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U.N. International Day of Peace


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” Together for Peace: Respect, Safety and Dignity for All”  

Published in The United Nations

The United Nations declared the theme for International Day of Peace 2017 would be focused upon bringing peoples together in a spirit of cooperation that promotes, “respect, safety and dignity for everyone forced to flee their homes in search of a better life.”

“In times of insecurity, communities that look different become convenient scapegoats,” said United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres. “We must resist cynical efforts to divide communities and portray neighbours as ‘the other’. Discrimination diminishes us all. It prevents people — and societies — from achieving their full potential.” He added, “Together, let us stand up against bigotry and for human rights. Together, let us build bridges. Together, let us transform fear into hope.”  Read More


A Message from our Chair for International Peace Day

 Grow With What You Know

In honor of International Peace Day, take a few minutes to look a little deeper at life through the peacebuilder lens. Picture yourself as a consummate peacebuilder.

Envision what you will do to build more peace in your home, your school or workplace, and your community. How will you respond to daily frictions, conflicts, and other challenges that disrupt peace? How will you be more proactive in building peace in all those places?

What about finding more peace in your own life?

If you stop and think about it, you already know some things you can do to be a better peacebuilder. Commit to doing them! Take action! Fully live your piece of peace!

You may not be responsible for world peace, 
but you are responsible for your piece/peace™.  
(i.e. your piece of world peace and your own inner peace.)

Then step up your game. Join us at the Rotarian Action Group For Peace.

Encourage others to do the same. Together we’ll build the world we all yearn to see!

“Every Rotarian a Peacebuilder”
join rotary in peace


RAGFP Asks Rotarians to #PinTheMap for #PeaceDayAction! 

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Published in Rotarian Action Group For Peace

Tell the world about how your Rotarian Club is celebrating World Peace Day 2017 by visiting the United Nation’s World Peace Day Map and uploading your #WorldPeaceDay event, action, service or peace project. We believe Rotarians can #PinTheMap and fill the entire screen with examples of how Rotarians are making a difference through our commitment to peaceful action around the globe.

How can you act now?

Once you’ve posted your event, action, service or peace project in the coming weeks, spread the word! Invite people on your own social media sites to visit your Pin by using the following Hashtags with a brief description, photo or meme about how your local chapter is celebrating or promoting World Peace Day on September 21, 2017.     :

 #PinTheMap #PeaceDayAction #RotariansForPeace #PeaceDay

Find original International Peace Day Events Map here

Together we can achieve a more respectful and peaceful world!


Show the world how Rotarians wage peace! 


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